Thomas CaffeyThomas Caffey is a Los Angeles based composer for film, television, and new media.

His scores include Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission To Space (Netflix, 2021), The Last Dance (Netflix 2020), and Andre The Giant (HBO, 2018). He has also worked extensively with Ultimate Fighting Championship, producing the orchestral/hybrid sound that has helped brand the sport. Thomas also co-created the main theme for CBS Sports HQ and has composed movie trailers for Miramax, Paramount, Pixar, and more.

His work on the documentary Champs (Starz/Netflix) inspired these glowing words by producer Grant Jolly:

“It’s a tremendous skill to turn specific direction and inspiration into musical compositions that surpass the creative expectations brought on by a project. Tom accomplishes this feat with magnificent spirit; delivering masters that work so well with picture they can’t help but leave a lasting impression.”

Thomas has worked on several projects with Jason Hehir (The Fab Five, Andre The Giant, UFC Primetime), who shared this testimonial:

“As someone who does what I do, it’s so great to know someone who does what you do so well. Great music is the common denominator in all of my favorite projects, and you have been as great a collaborator as any. Truly appreciate your time, your dedication and your talent.”